Under the brand name Anizonic, Anizonic is a company that operates a network of prestigious training facilities across India as well as cutting-edge production facilities.

The success of our graduates in the fields of animation( 2D,3D) visual effects (VFX), graphics, motion graphics, and web design is a priority to us. By developing their skill and exposing them to the business, we serve as a launching pad for ambitious artists and creative thinkers.

Why Choose Academy?

  • Opportunities for job placements with top animation & VFX Studios.
  • Guidance regarding developing your own portfolio.
  • Learn Visual effects used in movies.
  • Creative and Unique Approach
  • Knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies and their implications.

Our Mission

Our goal is to astound everyone so that they can all experience delight for a minute. Every day, millions of gamers download multiplatform experiences that we produce with all of our art and craftsmanship and set the standard for the industry.

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